How to buy it?

Purchasing pospay with eservice subscription

We have prepared beneficial Pospay purchasing conditions, especially for your company. With them you can purchase a Posnet fiscal printer and rent a D220 payment terminal under a subscription covering electronic payment services. You can deal with any paperwork with Pospay Sales Agent and you can benefit from all functions of the Fiscal Payment Terminal on the spot.

Purchase price of the Pospay fiscal printer: 

1699 zł netto

Monthly subscription of terminal's rental: 

PLN 39 (net)

Costs of transaction: 

Acc. to eService price list, including cards:

Visa: 0,69%*
Mastercard:  0,79%*
Transaction fee:
(for authorised transactions)
PLN 0.03

*refers to cards issued in Poland and beyond the EU

The monthly subscription covers:

  • connect to CRK, GSM data transmission (electronic payments service and software updates)
    a license for the cash-printer app
  • renting the D220 payment terminal
  • lifetime service of the terminal (in case of malfunction 2 working days to redress the malfunction)
  • printer's fiscal memory guarantee: 5 years

Term of contract: 


Additional benefits with the Cashless Poland Programme

When purchasing the D220 payment terminal, you can use the Cashless Poland Programme. If, within 12 months before purchasing Pospay, your company did not accept electronic payments, you get to rent the payment terminal for free for a year, and no transaction fees shall be charged. 

The Cashless Poland Programme is a joint initiative of Związek Banków Polskich (the Polish Bank Association), Ministerstwo Przedsiębiorczości i Technologii (the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology), paying agents, and Visa and Mastercard payment companies. 
More information is available at:

Purchasing Pospay without electronic payment subscription

If your company does not need electronic payment services, you can purchase the whole set, without having to contract their maintenance. 

In such a case you make a one-off payment for purchasing the Pospay fiscal printer and D220 payment terminal, as well as a license for using the cash-printer app.

The set's price: PLN 3299 (net)

The set's price, subscription excluded:

  • Pospay
  • D220 terminal
  • cash-printer app licence

Full guarantee:

12 months